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Bundle Genius

Boost your AOV today with irresistible offers!

Create product bundles, special offers, and 'buy one, get one' deals for your products.

Design product packages, exclusive promotions, and 'buy one, get one' offers for your products. You can customize the color, size, and so on to fit your store style. Empower your customers with the flexibility to customize every product in their bundle. Providing options encourages them to make additional purchases. Rest assured, customers can still apply discount codes as they're not restricted during bundle creation. You can add promotional text to your offers to raise the conversion rate.

  • Create multiple bundles for one product, giving the customers more options.

  • Raise your revenue by providing enticing options for customers to buy more.

  • Make the UI fit your store style by customizing the appearance of the bundle ui

  • You can add promotional text to your offers to improve the conversion rate.

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