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Your customers
won't settle for
just one product

Increase sales with the Bundle Genius – a game-changer for boosting revenue!

Generate offers

Boost your AOV by generating offers on your products.
You have a well-functioning Shopify store, but there's still an issue: your profits are low! However, this is
much more crucial than just generating revenue!

Don't fret, this is a common challenge faced by many merchants, and with Bundle Genius, you can create offers and elevate your Average Order Value.


Set up your offers

Boost Create unlimited offers.


Increase product sales by applying discounts to your offers. Simply enter the offer name, optionally add a thumbnail image, specify the number of products included, and set the price.

Include your variants

Incorporate your options into the offers If your product has different options, add them to the offer to enable customers to select various options within the offers.

Your customers will have the ability to choose an offer and select different options for each product.


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Boost sales with irresistible offers and maximize your AOV starting today!

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