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Boost Your Shopify Store Revenue by 18% - The Easiest Way to Maximize Profits As the cost of driving

As the cost of driving traffic to your Shopify store continues to rise, whether through Google or Facebook, it becomes crucial to extract maximum revenue from every click you receive.

There are a few common methods to increase your revenue:

  1. Cross-selling: Promote complementary products, such as socks on the product page of shoes. Some visitors may choose to purchase those socks as well.

  2. Upselling: Offer additional products or upgrades to customers during the checkout process.

While these approaches are widely known, there is an underestimated method that can significantly boost your revenue: Offering bundles to your customers.

Humans naturally tend to purchase more when presented with enticing bundle options at a lower cost. For example, if a single pack of toilet paper costs $2, but a merchant offers two packs for $3, it is highly likely that customers will opt for the bundle. In fact, customers may even stock up on 10 packs of toilet paper if sold as a bundle for $7. People love the opportunity to save money while acquiring more items.

Now, does this bundle strategy work for Shopify online stores? We conducted thorough research to find out. Here are the research procedure and results:

Step 1: Added a product to our store.

Step 2: Installed Bundle Genius to create bundles for the product.

Step 3: Created a copy of the original product and utilized Bundle Genius to create a bundle for it.

Step 4: Drove 200 visitors to the store using Google Ads over a span of 2 days.

And here are the results:

Revenue without bundle: $198

Revenue with bundle: $233

Revenue increase: $35

These findings clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of utilizing bundle strategies to generate substantial revenue growth for your Shopify store.

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